We believe that God can do miraculous things in our lives through prayer.

Prayer Gatherings
Oakridge Bible Chapel has weekly prayer gatherings every Sunday morning before service. These intimate times of prayer are special to what makes Oakridge the family we are as we call upon God to work in our lives and the lives of others.

Time:  9:30 – 10:00 AM

Please also join us on Sunday mornings!

Please feel welcome to contact us.

We want to pray for you!

If you are in physical, emotional, social or spiritual need in any way whether this means health, financial, bereavement or marriage issues or concerns, please reach out to us so we can pray for you.

Our prayer chain served by approximately thirty five adults who pray on request are available to help and to provide support whether the issues you are experiencing are small or large.

This prayer chain is available seven days a week twelve months a year; simply contact our office by phone or email.

Sunday October 4th Sign-Up Now Available

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