The Gospel According to John (Cover-to-Cover Series)

Though it may seem a relatively small one, this episode marks another significant milestone in our cover-to-cover trek through the Bible. Here we come to the fourth of four inspired gospel accounts—another section of Scripture successfully studied! However, while they are often and rightly grouped together as “the gospels,” John is obviously unique from his three predecessors, covering a different span of time, focusing on different locales, and spending a great amount of effort and ink on theological matters.

More than fifty years ago, the New Testament scholar Merrill C. Tenney entitled his commentary on the Fourth Gospel, JOHN: The Gospel of Belief. An apt theme to be sure, and one which captures the essence of the apostle’s purpose. With profundity wrapped in simplicity John sets forth his case. His Gospel is not always chronological like Luke, yet it is logical and highly theological. From the manifestation of the Word in chapter 1, to the post-resurrection appearance to the disciples in chapter 21, we find John emphasizing over and over again the excellence and eternality of the Son of God.

Gangel, John, vol. 4, Holman New Testament Commentary, 1.

Today, making his grand return to the program, is Dr. Ed Glasscock. Dr. Glasscock has spent decades pastoring churches, teaching theology, mentoring Christians, and writing books and articles. One such work is his contribution to the Learn the Word series of biblical summaries in which he focused on the fourth gospel.

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Dr. Ed Glasscock has spent decades pastoring churches, teaching theology, mentoring Christians, and writing books and articles—both fiction and non-fiction. He currently serves the church through Xdoulos Ministries, striving to provides students of the Bible with assistance in exegetical and theological studies.

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Josiah has served the Oakridge Bible Chapel family as one of its elders and one of its pastoral staff members since September 2018, before which he ministered as an associate pastor to a local congregation in the Canadian prairies. Josiah's desire is to be used by God to help equip the church for ministry, both while gathered (edification) and while scattered (evangelization). He is married to Patricia, and together they have five children—Jonah, Henry, Nathaniel, Josephine, and Benjamin.

Ed Glasscock and Josiah Boyd

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