June 11: COVID Updates

Oakridge Re-Opening Update: Full details

On Sunday, June 14th, Oakridge Bible Chapel will be opening its doors for our first in-person corporate worship gathering since March. However, given the provincial government and public health regulations and guidelines, things will obviously look significantly different than normal. ALL participants who plan to attend our service MUST sign up ahead of time, including a separate sign up for every individual. Our E-Service will also continue to be distributed in a timely manner for those not attending in person.

We ask that everyone who is considering signing up take the time to fully read through this document in advance. We also strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the government mandates and recommendations at https://www.ontario.ca/page/covid-19-stop-spread especially the sections on “What you need to do”, “Everyday actions”, and “Physical distancing”. We also strongly encourage you to use their “Self Assessment” tool to understand your personal risk level and to help keep everyone safe. Even though we are following provincial guidelines, there is still risk when gathering together, so please make your own decision based on your circumstances. If you or anyone in your household feels ill, have had any symptoms of illness, or have come in contact with someone who is ill; or if you have recently returned from travel outside Canada, please DO NOT sign up or plan to attend this Sunday.

If, having read this document, you are interested in attending, please sign up with the link below, or if you are having issues registering that way, contact Pastor Andrew directly.


Our service will begin at 10:30am. We ask that you aim to arrive early, as maintaining safe physical distancing and registering attendance will make entry take longer than usual. We have a large parking lot, so please do your best to make use of it by leaving an empty space between cars. We will be only accepting entry through the main front door, which will be propped open. Please do not enter through any other means. Physical distancing spots will be marked on the sidewalk leading up to the doors. If a line has formed to the end of the sidewalk, please stay at your car until a spot opens up. We will be providing hand sanitizer to everyone at the doors, and we will have someone in the foyer keeping record of those in attendance as a means of contact tracing. You will then be able to enter into the sanctuary by means of a propped open door. Some of our staff, elders, and deacons will be in there helping you find a spot based on the number of seats required by your household unit.


It is essential that from arrival to the property to departure, several regulations are kept. Safe physical distancing of a minimum of 2 metres must be kept between anyone outside of your household for the duration. The expectation is that your entire household will stay together for the entirety of the gathering. Children are welcome to be in attendance, provided they have been signed up, but there will be no childcare, Sunday School, or other children’s programming. Masks are optional, and you can read the government’s current recommendations on masks and face coverings on their website above. However, given that singing is a higher risk activity, if you plan on joining in and singing with us, we ask that you wear a mask during that point in the service. Masks will be available when you enter the building if you do not have your own. Our washroom availability will be extremely limited and available for urgent use only, by one household at a time (more detailed instructions will be provided on Sunday). Individually packaged communion elements will be placed on every seat ahead of time. Please take the packaging with you when you leave and dispose in the provided garbage bin. High-touch surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized, but please do your best to limit unnecessary touching. All other rooms within the church will be closed and inaccessible.


Except in case of emergency, we ask everyone to exit the church in a timely manner after service through the marked and opened exit doors. Dispose of your communion packaging in the garbage bin by the exit, and hand sanitizer will be provided. We ask that you do not socialize with other households within the church, and the governmental guidelines recommend limiting social gathering and interaction on the way to your vehicles.

We know these are not ideal circumstances, but we are making the best of what we have been given. We ask that you please be patient and gracious with everyone, and respect the direction and guidance of our elders, staff, and deacons. Our hope is that whether you will be in attendance or not, you are rejoicing with us at God’s glorious provision, and eagerly anticipating the day when we can all be together again!

If you wish to sign up for Sunday, June 14th, please do so here.