The Book of Second Thessalonians (Cover-to-Cover Series)

Most of the New Testament letters contain both affirmation and concern for the people receiving them, both praise and correction for their respective original audiences. The Corinthians were new creatures in Christ but tolerating carnality. The Colossians were strong in faith but wrestling with issues of unity within the body. Timothy was a gifted pastor but battled timidity. Good and bad, all mixed together. The same was true in Thessalonica.

[Second Thessalonians] gives evidence that Paul had recently heard news about conditions in the church. Probably this information came to him from the messenger who delivered 1 Thessalonians and returned to Corinth. Perhaps other people who had news of the church informed the three missionaries (Paul, Silas, and Timothy) also. Some of the news was good: the Thessalonians were continuing to grow and to remain faithful to Christ in spite of persecution. But some was bad: false teaching concerning the day of the Lord had entered the church and was causing confusion and leading some of the Christians to quit their jobs in expectation of the Lord’s return.

Thomas Constable, “2 Thessalonians,” in TBKC, 712–713.

Today we welcome back to the podcast Dr. Christopher Cone. Dr. Cone has served as the president of a number of theological institutions over the years. He’s a scholar and theologian, professor and preacher, and currently serves as the president and CEO of AgathonEDU Educational Group. Dr. Cone has also written, contributed to, or edited over a dozen books, many of which explore and model proper Bible interpretive methods.

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Dr. Christopher Cone serves as President and CEO of AgathonEDU Educational Group and leads Vyrsity and Colorado Biblical University. Dr. Cone has served as a President (Calvary University, Tyndale Theological Seminary), a Chief Academic Officer (Southern California Seminary), and as a Research Professor (Vyrsity, Colorado Biblical University, Calvary University, Southern California Seminary). He has served in several pastoral roles and has also held teaching positions at the University of North Texas, North Central Texas College, and Southern Bible Institute. His articles are published on his website and he is the author and general editor of more than fifteen books.

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