Importance. The Book of Revelation is important because it is the last inspired book of the Bible to be written and is rightly positioned
Written by Michael Stallard and Josiah Boyd
When concerts and other special events are held in large auditoriums or arenas, “riggers” must work hundreds of feet above the floor hanging speakers
Written by Herbert Bateman and Josiah Boyd
It’s almost understandable that First and Second John often get overlooked. If you’re moving through the Bible in order (as we have been), you’ve
Written by Daniel Akin and Josiah Boyd
The First Epistle of John is an intensely practical letter addressed to Christian readers. It warns against the dangers of false teaching and exhorts
Written by Charlie Bing and Josiah Boyd
This epistle may be titled ‘The Believer’s Conflict in the Latter Days.’ The apostle opened and closed 2 Peter with the theme of victory.
Written by Fred Chay and Josiah Boyd
It’s with his typical insight and simplicity that theologian Warren Wiersbe opens his commentary on James (p. 15): Not everybody who grows old, grows
Written by Fred Chay and Josiah Boyd
According to Walk Thru the Bible, the book of Hebrews “is about going spiritually from milk to meat—to grow and mature spiritually. The author
Written by George Guthrie and Josiah Boyd
One author has summarized the books of Colossians and Philemon with the following sentence: “When Christians know the supremacy of Christ in his person
Written by Adam Copenhaver and Josiah Boyd
In his 2007 book, “Opening Up Titus,” David Campbell helpfully introduces this third pastoral epistle. Frank Houghton’s well-known hymn Facing a task unfinished challenges
Written by Jonathan Ward and Josiah Boyd
Paul’s second letter to Timothy is warm and personal in its tone, containing the advice and encouragement of the aged apostle to Timothy, the
Written by Paul Benware and Josiah Boyd
In this stop on our journey through the biblical books we arrive at the first of what are commonly referred to as the pastoral
Written by Michael Easley and Josiah Boyd