What’s Happening at Camp Good News!?

Below is an abridged May 2023 update from the Wahab family, servants of the Lord at Camp Good News in Florida and an extension of our Oakridge church family.

Camp Good News update

Dear Faithful Friends, I trust you are doing well!

Once again the month of April was a full-tilt month as ramping up Summer camp preparations have been well underway along with working on various projects at camp. We set up two Easter booths for Camp Good News. One at Orange Heights and the other at Trinity Baptist of Keystone Heights. Children had the opportunity to try their fishing skills with a fishing challenge to win a prize.

We handed out numerous flyers for summer camp along with some great conversations with parents about God’s faithfulness and summer camp. Promotional material has also been distributed to each parent in the Elementary schools in both Putnam and Alachua counties. This distribution was over 15,000 brochures between hard copy and electronic copy invitations to summer camp. On the digital side, this distribution produced 7,569 impressions, 1,094 views, and 20 actions which we anticipate will continue to increase as time goes on.  We currently have over 250 camping week registrations for this summer which is well ahead of where we were at this time last year. Praise the Lord!

On the projects side of things, we continue to work on removing the ever-invasive bladderwort that continues to spread throughout the lake. 

We had some wonderful brothers and sisters come to help complete the deck project on the side of Maple Lodge. We also had a work morning party where we got a pile of plants planted in the prayer garden and we are ever so close to finishing off the Low Ropes course! I have included in the link below some April camp pictures:

We continue to let believers know that there is a great opportunity and need for counselors to be able to serve and grow at Camp Good News this summer through our Leadership Discipleship Program. Please also join us in praying for kitchen helpers to help prepare meals for any given week during summer camp and for the counselors and adult support still needed. 

Finally, we are grateful that the Lord has provided most of the funding for the Pole Barn project over the basketball court. We are in need of an additional  $7,000 to get this project off the ground. Another camp need for prayer, particularly for this summer is the provision for a 15-passenger van to transport counselors to and from churches for ministry. This will lend the opportunity to build up the saints through the testimony of God’s faithfulness as part of the Leadership Discipleship program. Thank you for your continued interest and prayers for what the Lord is doing at camp Good News!

Peace and Grace from all of us here at Camp,

Phil , Stephanie, Michael, Christina, Joy and Joanna


Alice Popovich

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