What’s Happening at Camp Joli-B!?

Below is an update from Paul and Penny-Jane Jolin, servants of the Lord at Camp Joli-B in Quebec and an extension of our Oakridge church family.

We have just finished our camp sessions with a visit from Thornloe Crossroads Baptist Church who came for the weekend. There were about eighty-five people from their church and we enjoyed great fellowship. Penny-Jane loved being able to attend worship and teachings in English.

We’re now busy closing the camp for the winter and doing work such as finishing the kitchen roof and redoing the septic field for the house on the property.

Penny-Jane fell down the stairs while doing the cleaning three weeks ago and hurt her foot and shoulder. Her foot wasn’t getting any better so she decided to go to hospital and they gave her an “aircast” so that her foot could have a chance to heal from a fracture. She has to wear it 24-hours a day.

The summer was superb: 

  • In terms of the number of campers, we had full camps.
  • Young people were touched by the Gospel message, and some made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ. And a young teenager continues to come to the church service with her mother since her time at Joli-B.
  • We are greatly encouraged by God’s goodness and faithfulness to us in meeting our staffing needs, sometimes at the last minute. Also for giving us the strength and the wisdom to go through the summer.

We plan to begin construction of an addition to our church building at Notre-Dame-du-Nord in the coming weeks. Somewhere in there we’re thinking of taking a week of rest.

We’re just having the pleasure of having our children, Garrett and Paige, visit us with their little ones, Paisely-Jane and Gavin. We pray for them, that they may come to know our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. We were also blessed in seeing Phil and Tamara and the three boys—Noah, Judah, and Josiah—for three weeks as they worked alongside us. Plus, our two grandkids, Alyssia and Sebastien, from the Yukon were here with their dad, Isaac, and participated as campers for one week. Wow, seven grandchildren in all! How blessed we are to live life with them all this summer.

In Christ,

Paul and Penny Jane

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