Know How to Grow; Know How to Know (2 Peter 1:12–21)

If you have ever spent significant time around children you’ve probably, at one time or another, been caught in the time-stopping vortex of unrelenting questions: Why? Why? How? What? Why? When? Oh, and Why?

While this dizzying spiral can be overwhelming, it can simultaneously serve as a wonderful indicator of a developing young mind and a curious spirit. In the first half of the opening chapter of Second Peter, the apostle called for his audience to move from spiritual childhood to spiritual maturity by pointing out that God has provided the resources to use, has prescribed the route to take, and has promised the results to anticipate should they comply. Arriving now at the second half of that same chapter, we find Peter anticipating some follow-up questions from these growing-but-still-immature spiritual infants, inquiries the apostle sets out to preemptively address.

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