Spoiler alert: this sermon will demonstrate why it is so vital for Christians to be in church. It is going to tell you that
Written by Jim Rennie
Ask ten Christians which book of the Bible is their favourite, which book has been the most impactful in their lives, and which book
The author of Hebrews gave believers a task: “Let us consider how to stimulate one another to love and good deeds … , not
Written by Patricia Boyd
As we go about our Christmas traditions, we would all do well to remember two things: First, God keeps his promises and, second, God
Written by Josiah Boyd
If you’ve not been under the water, will you go above the clouds? That might be a humorous way of stating it, but the
Written by Larry Moyer
If ever there was a day when we needed faith, it is today. The world around us is shaking. The pandemic is an obvious disturbance
Written by Jim Rennie
In Luke 17 we find the account of Jesus healing ten lepers but then finding only one returning to thank and worship him. They
Written by Josiah Boyd