Beginning in November 2022, the Adult Sunday School class at Oakridge began working our way through the letter of Paul to the Philippians. Below
Written by Jim Rennie
One topic that seemingly comes up more than most on our podcast is that of assurance of salvation, most likely because it can be
Written by Phil Congdon and Josiah Boyd
Jerome once said that when he read the letters of the apostle Paul he could hear thunder. Nowhere in the Pauline corpus is such
Written by Mark Yarbrough and Josiah Boyd
Storms in this life are as inescapable as they can be vicious. The rains of depression, fearfulness, and loneliness fall. The floods of personal
Written by Josiah Boyd
This is an important episode of Word Processing as the discussion focuses on salvation—what it is, how we get it, how it’s related to
Written by Fred Chay and Josiah Boyd
If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound? This famous philosophical thought experiment
Written by Josiah Boyd