A Primer on Biblical Prophecy with Dr. Paul Benware

With all that’s been going on in 2020, many believers have asked questions like: Is this the end? Are the last days upon us? What does the Bible say about what comes next on God’s mysterious calendar and how are we to live now in light of it? These are questions that, among other things, have to do with biblical prophecy

If there’s one topic that can attract debate, disagreement, and (at times, unhealthy) fascination, it’s biblical prophecy. And so, when thinking about the subject we want to get help from someone who can safely and skillfully lead us. I think we found one! Dr. Paul Benware is a Bible professor, theologian, preacher, conference speaker, and author who has a passion for teaching and training the people of God. He has a deep concern for the church to learn, know, and live the truths of biblical prophecy. Together we discuss the nature of prophecy, how to identify and read the genre with fidelity, and what difference prophecy is intended to make in the lives of God’s people today.

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Paul Benware

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