Brian and Sally’s Prayer Report

Below is a prayer update sent to the Oakridge Bible Chapel family from Brian and Sally Seim, missionaries who serve the Lord with SIM Canada as an extension of OBC’s gospel ministry.

January Requests

  • Thesis development: In December, I spent about three weeks doing a valuable outline for my thesis supervisors. Since completing that, I re-wrote another chapter and a half with a better perspective and fewer loose ends. I continue, the Spirit nudging me to better arguments and specific applications for church and evangelistic ministry.
  • ESL: Sally and I are putting together lesson plans and ideas for the new semester. Perhaps we are a little fresher for the break. We will be learning from the learners, as in China and Korea where most of our students come from, February is their Spring Festival, (what we call Chinese New Year).
  • One of the missionaries I mentor is at a transition point. His South Asian church has stabilized—about half Christian and half seekers, but their lives need greater conviction of the Holy Spirit for holiness. I ask your prayer, for that.
  • Family: Sally and I spent time with each of our children and their families over Christmas. On boxing day, we got together as a family, the first time we’ve been able to do that since COVID-19, so it was a great time.
  • On January 17, Sally has used some funds from her father’s estate and is taking Keith and Lillian and the boys (and me too) to a Dominican Republic resort for a week. That ought to be a more relaxing week.

Thank you. We think of you often.

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By job title, Alice is the office administrator at Oakridge. But her behind-the-scenes efforts go far beyond that! She is actively involved in the leadership team for the Tuesday evening women's bible study, she is on the mission committee, and she has recently both stepped into the leadership of church bridal and baby shower celebrations, and started teaching in our Ozone kids program. Oh, and if you see any special seasonal or holiday decorations around the church, it's a safe bet that Alice was involved!

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