It’s all about relationships today! Join Andrew and Josiah as they talk about Matthew 7:1–12, the pursuit of true righteousness, and how that changes
We worship a relational God. Being mysteriously Trinity—one God eternally existing in three distinct-but-equal Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—God has always been in
The Bible claims (and we believe!) that “all Scripture is inspired by God and useful” (2 Timothy 3:16). However, the usefulness of all Scripture
Today we’re going to fight a disease together, one that often goes undetected and has eternal side-effects. The disease is that of exhibitionism—the desire to
Anyone out there feeling a little worn down, frustrated, or just plain weary? If so, you’ve got company. The last number of months have
In these days characterized by repeated lockdown, constant inconvenience, forced isolation, and a seemingly never-ending stream of bad news, do you find yourself increasingly
Just as a few days ago I posted a prayer to mark then end of one year, so today I offer a second to
Regardless of your experience with and possible distaste for the practice of resolution-making, we can agree that Christians are called to “grow in the
The year that’s about to finish has been, as is always the case, something of a mixed-bag for the people of our church family.
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As the year comes to an end, so dawns the season in which publishers and bloggers, bibliophiles and book connoisseurs all offer their respective
Just as a diary or journal can provide a “window into the soul” of its writer, so too prayers can reveal the heart of