You’ve probably heard it claimed before—that argument-ending, conversation-halting Christian trump card: “God told me.” How do we process such a claim?
A review and recommendation of a short book on a topic of immeasurable importance.
While some may think studying the end times is akin to watching a Star Wars movie, there are actually some important applications for the
We are all needy people. We weren’t created as independent beings, as much as we would like to think that’s the case and, one
Surrounded as it is with cultural idolatry, Christianity is becoming increasingly marginalized and labeled as an ideology for the simple and unintellectual. How then
Have you ever noticed the God that some today claim to believe in bears little resemblance to the God described in the pages of
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It is impossible to overstate the importance of the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ to the Christian faith. Here are four (or many) reasons
About 2000-years ago, a man named Jesus was tortured and executed by being nailed to a wooden cross. Why is that a big deal?
It’s been said that the world at its worst needs the church at her best. That it’s when the culture goes dark that God’s
The doctrine of the Trinity is as complicated as it is foundational to Christianity. But does it actually make a difference in the day-to-day
Not able to meet provides a unique opportunity for God’s people to reflect on why we should when we can.