Just as a diary or journal can provide a “window into the soul” of its writer, so too prayers can reveal the heart of
Written by Josiah Boyd
As COVID-19 has forced churches re-think how they meet, function, and minister, it’s a good time for church-goers to re-think the purpose, necessity, and
Written by Jay Hinds and Josiah Boyd
While obviously preferring obedience, there are times when parents allow their children to experience the consequences of their disobedience. So it is with God
Written by Josiah Boyd
Many Christians rightly identify the goal of parenting as raising children “in the training and instruction of the Lord” (Eph 6:4). This assignment is
Written by Cynthia Boyd and Josiah Boyd
Join us for a second week of Jude, part of the Biblical Postcard Series! Listen below through Spotify, or find our Podcast “From the
Written by Jim Rennie
This week Josiah has a chat with Dr. Rick Reed, a long-time pastor and now-president of Heritage College and Seminary in Cambridge, Ontario. Because of his
Written by Rick Reed and Josiah Boyd
Join speaker Jim Rennie as we take a look at the book of Jude, part of Oakridge’s summer series, Biblical Postcards. Listen below through
Written by Jim Rennie
This week Josiah welcomes Dr. Christopher Cone to the podcast for a (long) chat about the always-important topic of assurance of salvation. Dr. Cone has been the
As has always been the case, our culture today demands people be on “the right side of history” regarding any number of issues. The
Written by Josiah Boyd
Instructions and blessings, “coincidences” and sovereignty; there’s a lot going on in the book of Ruth! Join with Pastor Andrew as he invites Lew
Welcome to our fourth and final week as Lew wraps up the book of Ruth. Listen below through Spotify, or find our Podcast “From
Written by Lew Worrad
Can I ask you a question?” It’s with those six simple, unassuming words that Josiah’s guest today has initiated countless conversations with the purpose
Written by Larry Moyer and Josiah Boyd