As Christians, we have been saved unto eternal life. We have been moved from darkness to light, from death to life. We have, by
Written by Stephen Hawkins
Fallenness, fear, and a fixing faith? Sounds like fun! In the midst of a world that has so much wrong with it, it is
Recently Josiah was a guest on The Open Bible Podcast, hosted by Pastor Jay Hinds. The topic of discussion centred around Ephesians 4 and,
Written by Josiah Boyd and Jay Hinds
Current news headlines suggest that we have a lot to be afraid of. A spreading virus, a falling economy, government overreach, climate change, creeping
Written by Josiah Boyd
As a local church grows in size (or is forced apart because of a virus!) it can become increasingly difficult to actually know everyone
They say “seeing is believing”. While human beings have always sought to understand and explain things that are confusing to them, now, more than
Written by Andrew Longmire
While music in corporate worship should be something that brings joy and comfort to God’s people, facilitates biblical worship of a holy God, and
Last time I spoke to you we talked about faith and saw that believing the unseen is absolutely vital to spiritual faith because God
Written by Jim Rennie
We use many different terms when talking about Scripture: inspiration, inerrancy, and infallibility to name a few. But one that we don’t always talk
Suppose today Jesus was to ask you, “What are you seeking?” What would you say? What would you tell him? Could you tell him
Written by Lew Worrad
Have you ever been reading the Bible when, all of a sudden, WHAM!, you run into a verse, paragraph, or section that straight-up baffles
It’s wise to, once-in-a-while, be reminded of what we already know so as to make sure we’re still moving in the right direction. It’s
Written by Josiah Boyd