How to Trust More the One Worthy of All Trust

“Trust the Lord!” “Give him your cares!” “Cast your anxieties on him!”

If you’ve been around God’s people for any amount of time you’ll almost certainly have heard statements like these. On one hand, they are all very true and desirable. Many passages of Scripture call, command, and invite Christians to throw themselves on he who is able to help even in their darkest times. Who wouldn’t want that!? Of course we want to know that “even though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death” he is with us, our Great Shepherd.

But practice is another matter. It’s one thing to know that we can and should trust God, it’s another to actually do it in times of pain, suffering, hardship, and confusion. However, as Revelation 4 and 5 make clear, he is worthy of that trust. The God of the universe—the King on the throne and the Lamb that was slain—is worthy of our trust because of who he is and because of what he has done. Today we discuss how to practically think through and apply this wonderful truth.

This conversation is based on the September 17, 2023 sermon, “Before the Throne of God Above.”

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Josiah has served the Oakridge Bible Chapel family as one of its elders and one of its pastoral staff members since September 2018, before which he ministered as an associate pastor to a local congregation in the Canadian prairies. Josiah's desire is to be used by God to help equip the church for ministry, both while gathered (edification) and while scattered (evangelization). He is married to Patricia, and together they have five children—Jonah, Henry, Nathaniel, Josephine, and Benjamin.

Josh Leigh and Josiah Boyd

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