Messiah in the Middle (Matthew 1:18–25)

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It’s an unfortunate but unavoidable reality of life: Familiarity can breed apathy. Consistent exposure to something, irregardless of how special, impressive, or awe-inspiring it is, can lead to dispassionate indifference. For both individual Christians and for the church as a whole, their relationship with Jesus is not immune to this struggle. No matter of how wonderful Christ is, familiarity can stifle awe and instead, relegate him to the heap of the unremarkable.

Matthew sets out to help God’s people resist that trend by highlighting just how special and unique Jesus Christ truly is, both in his person and in his work. Matthew wants his readers to know there is literally no one like him and, because of that, there is no one who can do what he came to do. Jesus is absolutely extraordinary and worthy of celebration, adoration, and worship.

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