In the penultimate biblical covenant, the one struck with David, God promises an eternal kingdom of endless jurisdiction and perfect authority. It is one
A quick internet search allows anyone to collect some concerning statistics about Canada. For example, there were over 358,000 victims of reported physical abuse
Written by Josiah Boyd
My full name is James Stuart Turner Rennie. It’s quite a moniker to attach to a little baby! The Stuart part is from my
Written by Jim Rennie
On August 5, 2010, the collapse of a mine in San Jose, Chile trapped thirty-three workers 700-meters underground. For seventeen dark days they survived
Written by Josiah Boyd
When thinking of the conclusion of Matthew’s gospel, the so-called Great Commission often comes to mind for many believers. But as we explored chapter
One can learn a great deal from reading the letters written by soldiers to their families during World War I and World War II.
Written by Josiah Boyd
It has been observed that “the subject of biblical prophecy is like one magnet interacting with another. For many people, it pulls them in.
Written by Josiah Boyd
Matthew 23 brings something of a conclusion to the current section of Matthew, as Jesus the King, rejected by the leaders of Israel, rejects
Matthew has recounted Jesus’s final entrance into Jerusalem (20:29–21:17), the unrelenting opposition he faced upon arrival (21:18–22:14), and, now, his rebuke of the faithlessness
Written by Josiah Boyd
In Matthew 22, the formal rejection of Jesus continues, as groups of unlikely allies come together to oppose him with riddles and challenges designed
There are few more offensive concepts to the sensibilities of our contemporary culture than that of submission—the act of knowingly, willingly, intentionally, and repeatedly
Written by Josiah Boyd
No, Jesus wasn’t “hangry”; but he did a curse a fig tree that, despite it’s leafy appearance, refused to bear fruit. It’s a small,