In the second half of Colossians 2, Paul takes the time to remind his readers of the dangers of worldly ideologies being used as
After a few weeks of topical podcasts, we’d be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge our new sermon series! A few weeks ago at Oakridge
“Handle with care.” We’ve all heard, read, said, and maybe prayed those three words of request. Whether when passing a newborn to an excited
Written by Josiah Boyd
Music is powerful but, for Christians, music that celebrates and venerates our Lord and Saviour is especially so. Consider these well-worn and majestic words:
Written by Josiah Boyd
One of the burdens of every generation is to teach the next generation good manners. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers, and baby-sitters all join
Written by Josiah Boyd
When we talk about God, there are endless directions our conversations can go. Oftentimes, these discussions end up addressing something to do with God’s
One author has summarized the book of Colossians with the following sentence: “When Christians know the supremacy of Christ in his person and work,
The Bible, as a book, is as epic as it is unique. Written by some forty different authors across three different continents over the
Lew walks us through the first fourteen verses of Colossians and into the context of Colossae, where a new form of heresy was sneaking
Written by Lew Worrad