We’re all called to ministry. The New Testament makes it very clear that every Christian is tasked with the gospel-sharing, disciple-making process as described
In a section of scripture with many words that might cause us some concern or discomfort, Paul directs the Christians in Colossae to practically
In the 47th Psalm, the author points the reader to worship of God as the universal King, in part, because of how he has
This morning we are going to look at Psalm 47. This psalm has been categorized by some as one of several “psalms of the
Written by Andrew Longmire
Using the analogy of taking off and putting on clothes, Paul gives some clear instructions to the Colossian church about their pursuit of holiness
Heaven. It’s something that most people in Western society have some conception of, whether they even believe in it or not. Immediately, many picture
In the second half of Colossians 2, Paul takes the time to remind his readers of the dangers of worldly ideologies being used as
After a few weeks of topical podcasts, we’d be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge our new sermon series! A few weeks ago at Oakridge
One of the reasons we started this podcast, and indeed what we most often talk about, is understanding God’s word with clarity and depth.
There are many reasons why a person might pick up and read a Bible. Perhaps curiosity or availability. Perhaps out of frustration or anger.
When we talk about God, there are endless directions our conversations can go. Oftentimes, these discussions end up addressing something to do with God’s
Today in our all-ages Sunday School class, Andrew walks us through the well-known account of the Tower of Babel, what it meant at the
Written by Andrew Longmire