The middle section of Matthew 26 shows us the beginning of Jesus’ misery as he moves ever closer to the cross, and in this
One of the topics that comes up in scripture more than most is that of trusting God. We trust God with our salvation, our
Through a demonstration of ugly corruption and beautiful provision, the first portion of Matthew 26 invites the reader to ask themselves a question: What
In Matthew 24 and 25 in the so-called Olivet Discourse, Jesus spends some time teaching (and warning!) about things to come. Yet like students
The Bible is filled with contrast. Good and evil, light and darkness, joy and sorrow, hope and fear. In many cases, we’re better able
Written by Andrew Longmire
As a local church grows in size, it can become increasingly difficult to actually know everyone in the community and, thus, to be blessed
Sometimes, there is suffering in our lives that’s more like a stomach flu: we don’t really know why it’s happening, but it feels terrible.
Written by Andrew Longmire
We are constantly bombarded with truth claims. With information coming at us from friends and family, social media, the news, our education system, our
Matthew 23 brings something of a conclusion to the current section of Matthew, as Jesus the King, rejected by the leaders of Israel, rejects
Immediately after the return of his parents to their home young Samuel began his training under Eli (v. 11), a training which was characterized
Written by Andrew Longmire
In Matthew 22, the formal rejection of Jesus continues, as groups of unlikely allies come together to oppose him with riddles and challenges designed
No, Jesus wasn’t “hangry”; but he did a curse a fig tree that, despite it’s leafy appearance, refused to bear fruit. It’s a small,