Sometimes in history certain people distinguish themselves by accurately predicting an historical event and they gain notoriety from it. One such person is investor
Written by Jim Rennie
While the first five covenants set the stage for God’s plan for the redemption of his creation, without the final covenant, the new covenant,
A new year, a new season of the podcast, and a whole new sermon series to start us off! As we begin 2023, we’re
My full name is James Stuart Turner Rennie. It’s quite a moniker to attach to a little baby! The Stuart part is from my
Written by Jim Rennie
On August 5, 2010, the collapse of a mine in San Jose, Chile trapped thirty-three workers 700-meters underground. For seventeen dark days they survived
Written by Josiah Boyd
C. S. Lewis once wrote, “There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” Do you share his optimism? Do you
Written by Josiah Boyd
One of the reasons we started this podcast, and indeed what we most often talk about, is understanding God’s word with clarity and depth.
When we talk about God, there are endless directions our conversations can go. Oftentimes, these discussions end up addressing something to do with God’s
When it comes to the person and work of Jesus Christ there are, at the end of the day, only two possible responses: there’s
The Bible, as a book, is as epic as it is unique. Written by some forty different authors across three different continents over the
There are certain sections of Scripture that seem especially holy, accounts like Moses at the burning bush, the Hebrews at the foot of Mount
Written by Josiah Boyd
In the middle of the book of 2 Samuel there is a fascinating story where David, the King of Israel, is forced to flee
Written by Andrew Longmire