Many times throughout the Bible we see people making a vow or swearing an oath—sometimes to God or before God, sometimes in the name
If we were to make an educated guess, we’d imagine that of the six Biblical covenants, the one that is probably most likely to
Good representation can make a big difference. Consider, for example, legal representation. The difference between a good lawyer and a bad lawyer can mean
Written by Josiah Boyd
There are many ways of understanding how the whole of Scripture fits together, what God is ultimately doing, and how best to understand the
Written by Josiah Boyd
The Bible, as a book, is as epic as it is unique. Written by some forty different authors across three different continents over the
The Bible is full of incredible stories that many of us remember fondly from our years in Sunday School. One such story, found in
Written by Lew Worrad
Three down, sixty-three to go! As we continue our trek through the Bible we now come nearer the close of the Pentateuch and to
Avid hikers are used to receiving warnings before setting off on their favourite trails—“beware loose stones,” “watch for bears,” “look out for falling trees.”
Written by Josiah Boyd
Welcome to another installment of “Well That’s Interesting” (you can find the first post with a detailed explanation of the series here, or bookmark
Written by Andrew Longmire