The First Epistle of John is an intensely practical letter addressed to Christian readers. It warns against the dangers of false teaching and exhorts
Written by Charlie Bing and Josiah Boyd
One topic that seemingly comes up more than most on our podcast is that of assurance of salvation, most likely because it can be
Written by Phil Congdon and Josiah Boyd
Christianity asserts a number of seemingly counterintuitive truths. For example, wealth comes through poverty, maturity through childlikeness, exaltation by submission, life via death, glory
Written by Josiah Boyd
Without doubt, other than creation, The Exodus is the single greatest event in the Old Testament. It is an incredible story. It is a
Written by Lew Worrad
If ever there was a day when we needed faith, it is today. The world around us is shaking. The pandemic is an obvious disturbance
Written by Jim Rennie
This week Josiah welcomes Dr. Christopher Cone to the podcast for a (long) chat about the always-important topic of assurance of salvation. Dr. Cone has been the
Written by Christopher Cone and Josiah Boyd
We all want the people we love to know they are loved. We don’t want our family members and friends left wondering if our
Written by Josiah Boyd