As Christians, we know that sin is bad, right? It’s wrong, it’s opposed to God, it ruins everything, and ultimately it is why Jesus
It’s an all-too-common issue: we go through a season of suffering (or perhaps the opposite) and find ourselves feeling far from God. Maybe it
We’re back in 1 John, and this week it’s all about keeping our eyes open for the obstacles that get in the way of
Every year we have a Good Friday service and another on Easter Sunday, and, as expected, we talk about Christ’s death and resurrection. But
We were inspired today by the yells and cheers of kids in the building to take some time to talk about ministry to children.
As we start into the meat of 1 John we quickly see that it is practical and filled with encouraging yet convicting words. In
It’s a brand new sermon series at Oakridge as we start making our way through the book of 1 John. And while we started
Another year is quickly coming to its conclusion, and with it, this season of Word Processing. Today Josiah and Andrew take a look back
We’re all called to ministry. The New Testament makes it very clear that every Christian is tasked with the gospel-sharing, disciple-making process as described
Scripture is full of individuals who, when faced with a God-given task, immediately felt ill-equipped and insecure, sure that the Almighty had chosen the
Written by Josiah Boyd
In a section of scripture with many words that might cause us some concern or discomfort, Paul directs the Christians in Colossae to practically
Jesus is the absolute and incomparable Christ who preexisted all (Col 1:17), created all (1:16), is over all (1:15; 2:10), sustains all (1:17), and
Written by Josiah Boyd