We’ve reached the summit of the first of two biblical mountains and find ourselves standing on the peak of the Old Testament, a peak
Written by Mike Ackerman and Josiah Boyd
It would be difficult to introduce the book of Zechariah with a better combination of urgency and anticipation than this: “The book of Zechariah
Written by Kyle Dunham and Josiah Boyd
“Hosea is not an easy book. It begins with a prophet receiving a command to marry a prostitute and promptly describes the births of
Written by Todd Murray and Josiah Boyd
It would be difficult to top Paul Tanner’s introductory words about the book of Daniel, so we won’t try. “The book of Daniel, undoubtedly
Written by Paul Weaver and Josiah Boyd
At first glance, the book of Jeremiah is a tough read. It’s long, prophetic, and largely sorrowful. In fact, A. W. Streane opens his
After a seven-decade-long, divinely-orchestrated, and well-deserved disciplinary timeout in Babylonian exile, God’s chosen people are allowed (and encouraged!) to return back to the Promised
Written by Donna Petter and Josiah Boyd
While the books of Samuel and Kings are hefty, jam-packed, and quick-moving texts, they’re only the first two pairs of a history-rich triplet. We
Written by Shane Angland and Josiah Boyd
Like Samuel before them, the biblical books of First and Second Kings record many exciting and well-known stories that involve many memorable characters throughout
Written by Paul Benware and Josiah Boyd