The Book of First Peter (Cover-to-Cover Series)

Chuck Swindoll, with his trademark wit and clarity, introduces his study of Peter’s first letter this way:

I find it interesting that Peter, as a disciple of Christ, is clearly the most popular of the twelve … yet Peter, as a writer of Scripture, is not nearly as well known.

Too bad. His first letter offers wonderful hope to people who live in hurtful times. Without denying the reality of pain, he sets forth dynamic and trustworthy counsel that anyone—in any generation—would find reassuring.

Few individuals lived in tougher times. Christians were hated, mistreated, and driven from their homes. Martyrdom commonly occurred. Madman Nero was the ruler of the known world, and we don’t need a rehearsal of his evil, corrupt reign. Whatever the hour, Christ as Lord. He has everything under control. And the old fisherman-turned-apostle provides confident counsel for all to believe.

To lead us to a better understanding of this relatable and inspired text of Holy Writ we welcome Dr. Tim Miller. Dr. Miller currently serves as assistant professor of New Testament at Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary. He has two earned PhDs, the dissertation focus for latter was “Jesus in the First Epistle of Peter”, so we’re in capable and learned hands today as we seek to better understand that very epistle.

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Dr. Tim Miller currently serves as Assistant Professor of New Testament at Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary. He received his M.A. from Maranatha Baptist University, his M.Div. from Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary, and his Ph.D.s from Westminster Theological Seminary and Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Before teaching at DBTS, Dr. Miller taught for four years at Maranatha Baptist University. With previous experience as an assistant pastor in Philadelphia, he is actively involved in pulpit supply with churches in the DBTS area. He is also a member of the Evangelical Theological Society.

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Josiah has served the Oakridge Bible Chapel family as one of its elders and one of its pastoral staff members since September 2018, before which he ministered as an associate pastor to a local congregation in the Canadian prairies. Josiah's desire is to be used by God to help equip the church for ministry, both while gathered (edification) and while scattered (evangelization). He is married to Patricia, and together they have five children—Jonah, Henry, Nathaniel, Josephine, and Benjamin.

Tim Miller and Josiah Boyd

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