[NOTE: Due to technical difficulties, no recording is available for this sermon.] SERMON MANUSCRIPT  “Everything is going to be okay.” It’s a promise everyone
Written by Josiah Boyd
Josiah was asked to share some details from his personal testimony at Oakridge’s Lively Oaks ministry gathering on January 27, 2023. Below is the
Written by Josiah Boyd
Heaven. It’s something that most people in Western society have some conception of, whether they even believe in it or not. Immediately, many picture
Let’s think together about Heaven. Some people call this the afterlife, about what happens when you die, and though we can understand the thought,
Written by Nate Vellekoop
It seems there’s a lot of bad news lately. A sample of recent news headlines report and warn of disconcerting realities that range from
Written by Josiah Boyd
As Christians, we talk often about eternal life, heaven, and Christ’s return. But what will it actually look like when Jesus comes again? What
Written by Paul Benware and Josiah Boyd
There are three necessities for effective evangelism in 2021. The first is patience, the second is patience, the third is patience.  Patience has power. 
Written by Larry Moyer
Last time I spoke to you we talked about faith and saw that believing the unseen is absolutely vital to spiritual faith because God
Written by Jim Rennie
Suppose today Jesus was to ask you, “What are you seeking?” What would you say? What would you tell him? Could you tell him
Written by Lew Worrad
For the other available posts in this series, click here. Conclusion I wish to conclude with a few comments in response to two questions,
Written by Fred Hopton
For the other available posts in this series, click here. The Millennium The Marriage Supper of the Lamb may well be the significant event
Written by Fred Hopton