While the first five covenants set the stage for God’s plan for the redemption of his creation, without the final covenant, the new covenant,
In the penultimate biblical covenant, the one struck with David, God promises an eternal kingdom of endless jurisdiction and perfect authority. It is one
If we were to make an educated guess, we’d imagine that of the six Biblical covenants, the one that is probably most likely to
And just like that we’re halfway through the covenants already! This week it’s the Mosaic Covenant, probably the most well-known, and unfortunately, most misunderstood.
People will go to great lengths to protect what’s important to them. It could be their family, their online privacy, a dream car, an
Written by Josiah Boyd
We’re two weeks into our new sermon series on biblical covenants, and that brings us to the Abrahamic Covenant: an oath involving three separate
Canada has one governmental system with three distinct but cooperative branches: the legislative makes laws, the executive implements laws, and the judicial evaluates laws.
Written by Josiah Boyd
This morning we are going to look at Psalm 47. This psalm has been categorized by some as one of several “psalms of the
Written by Andrew Longmire
Importance. The Book of Revelation is important because it is the last inspired book of the Bible to be written and is rightly positioned
In Matthew 24 and 25 in the so-called Olivet Discourse, Jesus spends some time teaching (and warning!) about things to come. Yet like students
One can learn a great deal from reading the letters written by soldiers to their families during World War I and World War II.
Written by Josiah Boyd
It has been observed that “the subject of biblical prophecy is like one magnet interacting with another. For many people, it pulls them in.
Written by Josiah Boyd