Worship is a central tenet, activity, posture, and goal for all believers. As one author has suggested, “Christian worship is the response of God’s
Written by Josiah Boyd
It’s hard to grow, improve, or mature without first being honest about the need for growth, the room for improvement, and the areas of
Written by Josiah Boyd
The psalms are songs about life, sacred songs, but commentaries on life. The ups and downs, the good and the bad, the joys and
Written by Jim Rennie
After the predictably horrible reign of Saul, God hand-picked David to succeed him as king of Israel (1 Samuel 13:14). And David loved God,
Written by Josiah Boyd
[NOTE: Due to technical difficulties, no recording is available for this sermon.] SERMON MANUSCRIPT  “Everything is going to be okay.” It’s a promise everyone
Written by Josiah Boyd
Likely battling for the title of “most-ignored-and-forgotten-book-of-the-Bible” is the prophecy of Zephaniah. Perhaps that’s because it’s so short (three chapters) that if the pages
Written by Alex Konya and Josiah Boyd
First impressions of the book of Joel may be akin to “same song, different verse,” as it includes familiar themes of disobedience and discipline,
Written by Jonathan Ward and Josiah Boyd
“If I were an advertising executive writing promotional copy for the sale of the memoirs of Nehemiah … I would have an easy and
While the books of Samuel and Kings are hefty, jam-packed, and quick-moving texts, they’re only the first two pairs of a history-rich triplet. We
Written by Shane Angland and Josiah Boyd
There are many experiences in life that prompt mixed emotions. Walking a daughter down the aisle can bring a father sadness and joy, nostalgia
Written by Josiah Boyd
As we come to the conclusion of the section of Matthew’s gospel made up of chapters 8 and 9, we once again see Jesus
Written by Josiah Boyd and Andrew Longmire
Most are familiar with this cinematic scene: A bomb with a visible timer is counting down to detonation and, apparently, the only way to
Written by Josiah Boyd