Paul’s second letter to Timothy is warm and personal in its tone, containing the advice and encouragement of the aged apostle to Timothy, the
Written by Paul Benware and Josiah Boyd
In Matthew 19 and 20, Jesus teaches his disciples more about what they can expect in the coming kingdom. Specifically, he refers to their
The God of the universe calls and invites all people to obey him, to fellowship with him, and to serve him and, like a
Written by Josiah Boyd
There’s a reason that Paul so often uses the analogy of running a race when talking about our spiritual journeys, and that’s at least
With the seemingly endless barrage of bad news, it can be helpful to take a moment to pause, and read about what the Bible
It seems there’s a lot of bad news lately. A sample of recent news headlines report and warn of disconcerting realities that range from
Written by Josiah Boyd
The latter part of Matthew 16 contains perhaps one of the most well-known, oft-quoted passages on discipleship in the entire Bible. But what is
It’s one thing to hold a membership at a fitness centre, it’s another thing to use it. It’s wonderful to belong to a gym
Written by Josiah Boyd
The most important question ever asked, and the most important response ever written. It may seem dramatic to say so, but that is really
A common practice for many sport teams is to watch film from previous games. Oftentimes a coach will lead these viewings, stopping the tape
Written by Josiah Boyd
Welcome to another installment of “Well That’s Interesting” (you can find the first post with a detailed explanation of the series here, or bookmark
Written by Andrew Longmire
On this episode, Dr. Fred Chay makes his return to the podcast. He is the founder and president of Grace Line ministries, a theology professor and academic
Written by Fred Chay and Josiah Boyd