The Genesis of Jesus (Matthew 1:1–17)

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Is there anything with more potential to humiliate than the way teams are often selected in the schoolyard? Two identified captains examine potential players, recruiting them one-by-one in descending order based on perceived usefulness and skill. That’s brutal!

Imagine if that’s how God selected his team. There are names we might expect him to call: Billy Graham! Corrie Ten Boom! C. S. Lewis! Susanna Spurgeon! These are the home-run hitters—Christian superstars! Of course God would find them useful. Would you expect to hear your name called?

Perhaps you sometimes question your usefulness to God, reasoning that your lack of skill, education, or sanctification make you more a liability than an asset. Thankfully, God doesn’t choose his players this way. However, it does raise a question: What does qualify someone to be used by God for his glorious and eternal purposes?

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