The Book of Philemon (Cover-to-Cover Series)

One author has summarized the books of Colossians and Philemon with the following sentence: “When Christians know the supremacy of Christ in his person and work, they will be transformed and learn to live in his ways as the body of Christ, including forgiving and being reconciled with one another.” Assuming that’s an accurate representation of the little latter letter—and we’ll see (again) in this episode that it is!—it contains a disproportionate amount of significance for every believer. The unsurprising greatness of Jesus’s identity and ministry? Check. The transformation of sinners into his likeness? Check. The need for forgiveness within the body of Christ? Um, check!

Thankfully, the theologian who wrote that summary sentence has offered to help us unpack it rightly today. Dr. Adam Copenhaver currently serves as the pastor of Grace Church of Mabton in Mabton, Washington, where his ministry focuses especially on the teaching and preaching of God’s word. He has also published a number of works including that which was quoted above, a commentary on Paul’s letter to Philemon.

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Adam Copenhaver

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