Potential Responses to Provided Revelation (Matthew 2:1–12)

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While marriage proposals occur in varying shapes and sizes—some are simple and private while others are elaborate and public—all are ultimately judged by a single factor: The response! Obviously, a quick and enthusiastic “yes!” is ideal. In fact, anything other than that is bad news. “No” is clearly not preferable, but neither is “I guess,” “Let me think about it,” or “I’ll get back to you.” These may range in their harshness, but all fall short of what is desired. Thus, when it comes to marriage proposals, there are really only two types of responses: There’s the “Yes!” and then there’s everything else.

Similarly, there are only two types of responses to Jesus Christ—there’s “Yes!” and there’s everything else. There’s worship and there’s dismissal. There’s adoration and there’s rejection. Ultimately, it is binary. God has revealed himself to humanity. The question is, how will people respond?

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