Matthew 23 brings something of a conclusion to the current section of Matthew, as Jesus the King, rejected by the leaders of Israel, rejects
In Matthew 22, the formal rejection of Jesus continues, as groups of unlikely allies come together to oppose him with riddles and challenges designed
No, Jesus wasn’t “hangry”; but he did a curse a fig tree that, despite it’s leafy appearance, refused to bear fruit. It’s a small,
It’s been said that failures are like a compost heap—they stink but are the most fertile part of the garden! We’ve all experienced failure
Written by Josiah Boyd
Matthew 12 reads like the transcript of the final scenes of a long courtroom drama—The People v. Jesus of Nazareth. It’s a trial that
Written by Josiah Boyd
While marriage proposals occur in varying shapes and sizes—some are simple and private while others are elaborate and public—all are ultimately judged by a
Written by Josiah Boyd