Living in a fallen world, it’s not uncommon for people—even God’s people—to feel disoriented and isolated, overwhelmed by choices and trials, decisions and disappointments,
Written by Josiah Boyd
Last week we started into a brief study of God’s sovereignty by reading the story of a man who Jesus said was born blind
Written by Andrew Longmire
In the past year at Oakridge, we have seen four more step into the role of Elder, being commissioned to the task of leading
In 2020, with a virus sweeping across the globe causing fear, anger, and confusion, Oakridge Bible Chapel, like all other church families, faced a
Written by Josiah Boyd
If you follow the church calendar a bit, you may have noticed that last Thursday was a memorable day. In some countries it is
Written by Nate Vellekoop
The book of Acts grants readers a unique and fascinating glimpse into the world of the early church. We peer through the corridors of
As we read the first chapter of the book of Acts, it appears that the disciples were still struggling with this resurrection thing. Over
Written by Lew Worrad
After a little over two years and one hundred episodes, we just want to celebrate! Celebrate what God has done, is doing, and will
Matthew 17 ends with a short and strange story involving a temple tax, a parabolic rhetorical question, and a wealthy fish; all tied together
First impressions of the book of Joel may be akin to “same song, different verse,” as it includes familiar themes of disobedience and discipline,
With a church made up of people from all sorts of backgrounds, personalities, opinions, and walks of life, there are bound to be times
In the Spring of 2020, the Adult Sunday School class at Oakridge began working our way through the book of Acts. What follows are
Written by Josiah Boyd