One of the reasons we started this podcast, and indeed what we most often talk about, is understanding God’s word with clarity and depth.
Written by Tim Wessel and Andrew Longmire
No, Jesus wasn’t “hangry”; but he did a curse a fig tree that, despite it’s leafy appearance, refused to bear fruit. It’s a small,
Written by Josiah Boyd and Andrew Longmire
Have you ever felt spiritually stuck in a rut? Don’t worry, we’ve been there too. Whether it’s a season of dryness or perceived distance
Written by Josiah Boyd and Andrew Longmire
First impressions of the book of Joel may be akin to “same song, different verse,” as it includes familiar themes of disobedience and discipline,
Written by Jonathan Ward and Josiah Boyd
We’re back! After a few weeks away from the podcast, Josiah and Andrew return to talk about the new year, giving some practical suggestions
Written by Josiah Boyd and Andrew Longmire
“Now it came about after the death of Moses … ” (1:1). It’s with these sad-but-hopeful words the Holy Spirit opens the sixth book
Written by David Barker and Josiah Boyd
If you’ve spent any time around Oakridge, or listening to our sermons online, you probably will have noticed that the majority of our pulpit
Written by Josiah Boyd and Andrew Longmire
Just as all who climb behind the wheel of a vehicle don’t have the same destination in mind, so too all who read the
Written by Josiah Boyd
Have you ever been reading the Bible when, all of a sudden, WHAM!, you run into a verse, paragraph, or section that straight-up baffles
Written by Andrew Longmire and Josiah Boyd
Welcome to another installment of “Well That’s Interesting” (you can find the first post with a detailed explanation of the series here, or bookmark
Written by Andrew Longmire
Regardless of your experience with and possible distaste for the practice of resolution-making, we can agree that Christians are called to “grow in the
Written by Josiah Boyd