Tackling Tough Texts: What To Do When the Bible Confuses Us

Have you ever been reading the Bible when, all of a sudden, WHAM!, you run into a verse, paragraph, or section that straight-up baffles and/or offends? (If you haven’t experienced this, then you’re either a biblical savant or you aren’t reading the Bible much!) When that happens, we only have a certain number of responses available to us: 1) Pretend we totally understand and move on, 2) Admit we don’t understand and move on, 3) Admit we don’t understand and give up, or 4) Admit we don’t understand and dig in.

On this episode of the podcast, Andrew and Josiah discuss strategies for handling, interpreting, and understanding the difficult passages of Scripture. Andrew has recently been writing a series of blog posts on our website in which he models what he does when he, like all of us, arrive at passages of Scripture that seem to confuse.

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