This week on the podcast, Andrew and Josiah flesh-out some of the potential implications from Sunday’s message on Romans 12–15, a text that seems
This is the second in a series of conversations on the über-important topic of the church (If it’s important to Jesus [Ephesians 5:25] it
As COVID-19 has forced churches re-think how they meet, function, and minister, it’s a good time for church-goers to re-think the purpose, necessity, and
Not able to meet provides a unique opportunity for God’s people to reflect on why we should when we can.
The theme song that launched every episode of Cheers, a popular 1980’s sitcom, was as catchy as it was relatable: “Sometimes you want to
Warnings are helpful if heeded. To overlook or ignore signs of caution is to risk varying degrees of inconvenience, pain, and tragedy. Consider, for
The New Testament paints a very hopeful picture of what the church is supposed to look like. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, members of