Research shows that the sunniest places in Canada are southern Alberta and Saskatchewan, a swath of land that runs from Calgary to Estevan boasting
Written by Josiah Boyd
Many people work hard to live forever. For example, the Coalition for Radical Life Extension, an Arizona-based nonprofit, is on a mission to “cure
Written by Josiah Boyd
Sometimes in history certain people distinguish themselves by accurately predicting an historical event and they gain notoriety from it. One such person is investor
Written by Jim Rennie
Did you know there are people who have literally won the lottery but have never picked up their prize? While it isn’t the norm,
Written by Josiah Boyd
Last week we started into a brief study of God’s sovereignty by reading the story of a man who Jesus said was born blind
Written by Andrew Longmire
After a few weeks of topical podcasts, we’d be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge our new sermon series! A few weeks ago at Oakridge
Written by Josiah Boyd and Andrew Longmire
The First Epistle of John is an intensely practical letter addressed to Christian readers. It warns against the dangers of false teaching and exhorts
Written by Charlie Bing and Josiah Boyd
When thinking of the conclusion of Matthew’s gospel, the so-called Great Commission often comes to mind for many believers. But as we explored chapter
Written by Josiah Boyd and Andrew Longmire
Having discussed Matthew and Mark, we now arrive in our study at Luke, the third of the inspired accounts of the life, ministry, death,
Written by Susan Wendel and Josiah Boyd
As we take another step into the New Testament we come today to the gospel according to Mark. At first glance it may seem
Written by Tim Geddert and Josiah Boyd
In Matthew 18, in response to a question about greatness in the Kingdom, Jesus instructs his disciples to have humility like a child. This
Written by Josiah Boyd and Andrew Longmire
The eighteenth chapter of Matthew’s gospel account records yet another significant teaching session from the Lord Jesus Christ. Whereas he has already described the
Written by Josiah Boyd