The Gospel According to Mark (Cover-to-Cover Series)

As we take another step into the New Testament we come today to the gospel according to Mark. At first glance it may seem not that different than the account by which it was preceded—same song, different verse. However, that conclusion would be a huge mistake. One author introduces the second gospel this way:

Mark betrays great interest in what the historical Jesus actually said and did, what he suffered, and how he was vindicated by God. It is fair for us to assume that Mark had faithful traditions to rely on and that he preserved them with care. Yet Mark is much more than a historian; he is also a great storyteller. Taking up reliable traditions, Mark has creatively shaped them into a gripping short story, a mini-historical novel, a closet drama, a sermon, a crafted proclamation. Mark’s Gospel tells God’s good news (1:14–15). It does so with vividly portrayed characters, a fascinating plot, artfully employed literary devices (such as deliberate ambiguity, irony, foreshadowing, and paradox), and a powerful life-changing message.

Geddert, Mark, 16

The same author that wrote the above comments joins us today to help us understand Mark as a whole. Dr. Tim Geddert currently serves as professor in and director of the New Testament program and interim academic dean at Fresno Pacific University in Fresno, California.

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Dr. Tim Geddert, a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan, Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary, and Aberdeen University, currently serves as professor in and director of the New Testament program  and interim academic dean at Fresno Pacific University in California. Among his other works, Dr. Geddert has written a commentary on the book of Mark.

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Tim Geddert and Josiah Boyd

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