Life in a fallen world includes obstacles, circumstances, and happenings that can threaten to deflate, frustrate, and exhaust God’s people. Even the most faithful
The Bible has much to teach about living godly lives in the midst of uncertain times. Perhaps nowhere is this more the case than
The book of Daniel provides some of the most iconic stories in the Bible. But—surprise, surprise!—they’re not all for show. In this episode, Josiah
Many are familiar with the heroic, faith-filled stories presented in the book of Daniel. However, what do they have to tell us about living
From their individual quarantined bunkers, Andrew and Josiah take twenty-or-so minutes to earnestly but insufficiently tackle a topic of infinite glory and importance—that of
Every faithful Christian church is comprised of believers who are called to engage the culture in which they have been providentially placed for the
1 Timothy 6:11–12 [See these links for previous posts in this series: First, second, third, and fourth.] But flee from these things, you man
The opening stanza of the popular Serenity Prayer is as wise as it is hope-filled: “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I
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“In this life you will have trouble” (John 16:33). This was Jesus’ promise to his disciples just hours before he went to the cross.
Following Jesus is a journey that demands the navigation of a variety of terrains. There are the “mountaintops” to enjoy—seasons in which God seems
As people, we are able to endure a great deal of discomfort, inconvenience, and even pain, if we’re properly incentivized. An athlete, motivated by