In his 2007 book, “Opening Up Titus,” David Campbell helpfully introduces this third pastoral epistle. Frank Houghton’s well-known hymn Facing a task unfinished challenges
Written by Jonathan Ward and Josiah Boyd
Paul’s second letter to Timothy is warm and personal in its tone, containing the advice and encouragement of the aged apostle to Timothy, the
Written by Paul Benware and Josiah Boyd
In this stop on our journey through the biblical books we arrive at the first of what are commonly referred to as the pastoral
One author has summarized the book of Colossians with the following sentence: “When Christians know the supremacy of Christ in his person and work,
Jerome once said that when he read the letters of the apostle Paul he could hear thunder. Nowhere in the Pauline corpus is such
Avid hikers are used to receiving warnings before setting off on their favourite trails—“beware loose stones,” “watch for bears,” “look out for falling trees.”
Written by Josiah Boyd
As we conclude our time in the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 7:17–27, we turn our focus to an unshakable foundation. Join with
Storms in this life are as inescapable as they can be vicious. The rains of depression, fearfulness, and loneliness fall. The floods of personal
Written by Josiah Boyd
Week two of Word Processing lands Andrew and Josiah smack-dab in the middle of Peter’s second epistle and a discussion on the reality, threat,
Peter’s clear: False teachers are not only coming, they’re here! How God’s people respond depends on how we identify the wolves, how seriously we
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1 Timothy 4:7–8 [For the first three posts in this series, click here, here, and here.] But have nothing to do with worldly fables
Written by Josiah Boyd