We had a special Sunday at Oakridge this week, and a special Sunday begets a special podcast. This week Andrew sat down with Dean
The transition from First to Second Corinthians is not as seamless as one may assume. Yes, it’s the same congregation and the same author
Written by Ed Glasscock and Josiah Boyd
It’s easy to become preoccupied with temporal needs, stressors, and desires and end up giving God the leftovers of our time, energy, and resources.
We’re back! After a few weeks away from the podcast, Josiah and Andrew return to talk about the new year, giving some practical suggestions
In the Fall of 2021, the Adult Sunday School class at Oakridge began working our way through the book of Malachi. What follows are
Written by Josiah Boyd
When comfortability gets talked about in Christian circles, it tends to be with a bit of a negative tone. “You can’t be effective if
Today we’re going to fight a disease together, one that often goes undetected and has eternal side-effects. The disease is that of exhibitionism—the desire to
Written by Josiah Boyd
Regardless of your experience with and possible distaste for the practice of resolution-making, we can agree that Christians are called to “grow in the
Written by Josiah Boyd