When He Saw Him, He Felt Compassion

We had a special Sunday at Oakridge this week, and a special Sunday begets a special podcast. This week Andrew sat down with Dean Billings from Compassion Canada to learn a little bit more about his experiences, what drew him to working with Compassion, and what sets Compassion apart from everyone else. A special thank you to Dean for taking the extra time for this conversation, and for opening up his world and his heart to us, both on Sunday and today. For those interested in finding out more, check out the link to the Oakridge/Compassion landing page ⁠here.

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Dean, as representative for Compassion Canada in Southern Ontario, is responsible for raising awareness and mobilizing the church to respond to God’s heart for children and those most vulnerable in poverty. Dean desires to see as many children as possible released from poverty, in Jesus’ Name, through relational one-to-one Child Sponsorship & Targeted Response opportunities. He is passionate about children, the church, and Jesus. Dean lives with his wife, Sarah, in Stoney Creek and attends Philpott Memorial Church in Hamilton.

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Andrew is the Associate Pastor at Oakridge Bible Chapel. He grew up in a Christian home, and spent time serving in churches of varying sizes and denominations before landing at Oakridge with his wife in 2017. He likes to verbally process theological issues he finds challenging and is always ready to learn something new. He has a passion for teaching the Bible, and seeking to explain confusing passages in a clear way, preferably with a good illustration or two.

Dean Billings and Andrew Longmire

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