Sanctification is a heavy concept, but one with which every Christian must grapple because it is God’s will for every Christian (1 Thes 4:3).
Written by Nate Vellekoop and Josiah Boyd
When we talk about God, there are endless directions our conversations can go. Oftentimes, these discussions end up addressing something to do with God’s
Written by Tim Wessel and Andrew Longmire
Christianity asserts a number of seemingly counterintuitive truths. For example, wealth comes through poverty, maturity through childlikeness, exaltation by submission, life via death, glory
Written by Josiah Boyd
After kicking off in our Cover-to-Cover series in the book of Genesis, we now turn our attention to Exodus, a tale that follows the
The greatest concern every person on earth ought to have is where they will spend eternity. In light of that, no question ought to
Written by Larry Moyer
Fundamentals are important to know, to be reminded of, and to return to regularly. Take, for example, mathematics: If the fundamentals of addition, subtraction,
Written by Josiah Boyd