The purpose of this short post is to, as simply as possible, present, compare, and contrast different approaches to interpreting the biblical text. If
Written by Josiah Boyd
Discussing God’s view of human sexuality and marital intimacy can be like driving somewhere wonderful along a highway bracketed by two steep and dangerous
In Matthew 9 we read the account of Jesus inviting a lowly tax collector to follow him. Without hesitation nor reservation, up jumped the
If you’ve not been under the water, will you go above the clouds? That might be a humorous way of stating it, but the
Written by Larry Moyer
Have you ever been reading the Bible when, all of a sudden, WHAM!, you run into a verse, paragraph, or section that straight-up baffles
This week on the podcast, Josiah sits down with human Swiss Army knife, doctor/scholar/author/professor/preacher Dr. Abraham Kuruvilla who, among other things, has literally written