Worship is a central tenet, activity, posture, and goal for all believers. As one author has suggested, “Christian worship is the response of God’s
Written by Josiah Boyd
It’s hard to grow, improve, or mature without first being honest about the need for growth, the room for improvement, and the areas of
Written by Josiah Boyd
The psalms are songs about life, sacred songs, but commentaries on life. The ups and downs, the good and the bad, the joys and
Written by Jim Rennie
After the predictably horrible reign of Saul, God hand-picked David to succeed him as king of Israel (1 Samuel 13:14). And David loved God,
Written by Josiah Boyd
After 4 weeks in the book of Joel in our corporate worship gatherings, we’re finally going to take some time to talk about it.
Written by Andrew Longmire and Josiah Boyd
When concerts and other special events are held in large auditoriums or arenas, “riggers” must work hundreds of feet above the floor hanging speakers
Written by Herbert Bateman and Josiah Boyd
Beginning in November 2021, the Adult Sunday School class at Oakridge began working our way through the letter of Paul to the Romans. Below
Written by Andrew Longmire
Many cultures today spend a significant amount of time, energy, and money attempting to guard against, avoid, ignore, and distance ourselves from all forms
Written by Matthew McAlack and Josiah Boyd
In Matthew 9 we read the account of Jesus inviting a lowly tax collector to follow him. Without hesitation nor reservation, up jumped the
Written by Josiah Boyd and Andrew Longmire
This week on the podcast, Andrew and Josiah flesh-out some of the potential implications from Sunday’s message on Romans 12–15, a text that seems
Written by Josiah Boyd and Andrew Longmire