Good Fruit Needs a Godly Root

This week on the podcast, Andrew and Josiah flesh-out some of the potential implications from Sunday’s message on Romans 12–15, a text that seems particularly timely. 

While there are many potential reasons for division, frustration, and isolation today—e.g., Do masks actually work? When must the church disobey the government? Should Christians risk their physical health to nourish their spiritual health?—God calls his people to sacrificially serve one another (Romans 12:3–8),  love one another (12:9–13:14), and accept one another (14:1–15:13). These are church-unifying, body-building, nutrient-rich fruit that, according to the apostle Paul, can only grow and flourish off of a healthy root (12:1–2).

But what does it look like to offer our bodies as living and holy sacrifices? What does it mean to have our minds transformed? How do we tend the root in order to grow the fruit!? All this is on the docket for discussion.

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