While the first five covenants set the stage for God’s plan for the redemption of his creation, without the final covenant, the new covenant,
In the penultimate biblical covenant, the one struck with David, God promises an eternal kingdom of endless jurisdiction and perfect authority. It is one
If we were to make an educated guess, we’d imagine that of the six Biblical covenants, the one that is probably most likely to
And just like that we’re halfway through the covenants already! This week it’s the Mosaic Covenant, probably the most well-known, and unfortunately, most misunderstood.
We’re two weeks into our new sermon series on biblical covenants, and that brings us to the Abrahamic Covenant: an oath involving three separate
A new year, a new season of the podcast, and a whole new sermon series to start us off! As we begin 2023, we’re
The Passover meal has been eaten, Judas has done his betrayal, and as we conclude Matthew 26 and begin chapter 27 we see Jesus
The middle section of Matthew 26 shows us the beginning of Jesus’ misery as he moves ever closer to the cross, and in this
One of the topics that comes up in scripture more than most is that of trusting God. We trust God with our salvation, our
The Bible, as a book, is as epic as it is unique. Written by some forty different authors across three different continents over the
First impressions of the book of Joel may be akin to “same song, different verse,” as it includes familiar themes of disobedience and discipline,
When you make a vow to the Lord your God, you shall not delay to pay it, for the Lord your God will certainly require it of you, and it will be a sin for
Written by Gordon Rumford